I sold a decent but not exceptional 1963 Lark 4dr to a young fellow (mid 20's) and his girlfriend a year or so ago. He showed up to take possession of the Stude in his girlfriend's father's car, a late model Volvo XC90. I sold him the Lark with lots of spare parts so we put some in the trunk and he drove off with the understanding he could get the rest later. I also gave him a chapter business card... I have not seen him or the car since.

Maybe he bought it on spec since I have read some articles about what will make a good investment purchase and Studebakers have been mentioned a couple of times. I wonder if he has parked the car and in 25 years thinks he will make his own "barn find" headlines? I may never know.

Giving out cards, taking folks for a ride and just providing answers to peoples questions when you visit a car show are all good ideas for promoting our club and cars. I have done and continue to do that. If somebody decides to join the club because of some interaction they got from me, that is bonus, but I don't keep tabs. I will do what I can and simply hope for the best.