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Thread: The latest scam to avoid: car wrapping

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    The latest scam to avoid: car wrapping

    The common thread with these scams (whether it's paying you to do something or buying your car) is the scammer sends you a cashier's check, tells you to deposit it, keep like $500, and send the rest to someone else. The check turns out to be phony and you are out the money. If anyone wants you to deposit a check and send some of the money to someone else, it's going to be fake.

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    Some people seem to have an aversion to getting a real job. There are so many ways to make an honest living. How do these people sleep at night?
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    Seems like, in spite of all the publicity exposing these scams, people still fall for them. When that Nigerian prince finally returns my calls and sends me that $2 million usd he promised, I am going to use that money to launch a major effort to educate everybody about these scams!

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    I would be glad to take a $500.00 fee and sent the rest on.............right after their check clears my bank.

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