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Thread: UniSteer Power Rack & Pinion

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    UniSteer Power Rack & Pinion

    One of the guys in our car club here has just acquired a Power Rack & Pinion for his '57 Chevrolet Car from a company called UNISTEER. It looks to be really substantial with heavy duty brackets for mounting to existing frame locations for the box and idler arm. I'll keep you all posted as to how it works out with an IDIDIT column. Does anyone know if there are similarities in frames or steering linkage between the Chev and our Studebakers?
    I'm just looking for options for us. (2.5 turns lock to lock!)

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    Not even close. From what I understand, a rack and pinion for the Studebakers is some what difficult to get right...

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    This is the best picture I could find of an OEM 57 Chevrolet steering setup. Note the tie rod length (close to the A-arm pivot points) and compare that with a Studebaker setup. There's a lot of discussion on the forum on why the 57 R&P unit you showed will work on a Chevy but not a Stude.

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