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Thread: OEM style ribbed Upholstery material sources

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    Question OEM style ribbed Upholstery material sources

    Hi all, this is my first post.
    I'm specifically looking for the Red ribbed insert material to replace in my 62 Hawk. Is there a modern manufacture of it or and NOS supply hidden away somewhere?
    Any leads would be much appreciated.

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    Look to Starlight Studebaker in Colorado. They are a little slow in responding but have all the original Studebaker upholstery. There is another guy, SE Studebaker, I believe, but not sure that he has the vinyl pleated upholstery you need. His name is Renee Harburger.

    Others will correct my inaccuracies.


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    René Harger, Southeast Studebaker. Advertises in every Turning Wheels.

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    Welcome to the SDC Forum!

    I doubt that you will find NOS or good used seat inserts for a 1962 Hawk. I have known of these to go bad on the shelf without ever having been installed in a car. The 1963-1964 Hawk seat material was improved so much, it usually outlasts the rest of the car.

    I believe that Southeast Studebaker is your best option, just do not be in a hurry.

    EDIT: What I can see in your picture is the best 1962 Hawk seat insert that I have seen in a long time. I can not tell if it is original. The original has heat sealed ribs, not stitched.

    EDIT II: For seat inserts, I was referring to the common vinyl. Do you possibly have cloth inserts?
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    Hi, Paul, and welcome to the forum. What others have said, but I was able to blow up your posted photo and have a good look at those seats. The seat inserts, even if they are cloth, are not the original upholstery. If they are vinyl, they "for sure" aren't original.

    As Gary intimated, Studebaker's 1962 OEM vinyl was poor, to say the least. The dielectric heat seams so deteriorated the material during manufacture than most of them cracked within a year in cold climates.

    Southeast Studebaker is your best bet. If you are having the car reupholstered, consider using the correct cloth material for the inserts (non-bolsters). The correct vinyl material, even if you find it, will be a disappointment. BP
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