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Thread: Best Big 3 Land Yacht

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    Quote Originally Posted by studegary View Post
    The livery company that I worked for had stretched limousines made out of that style of Fleetwood. They were nice to drive, held up well, were comfortable and got reasonable highway mileage. One problem with them that comes to mind is that they had a propensity of locking the doors on their own. Late one night I was locked out in a customer's driveway. The local police could not get a door open. A manager had to come from his home to the livery office, pick up a spare key and bring it to me. He didn't seem mad and then I found out that the same thing had happened to him and other chauffeurs. After that, I disassembled the fob from the keys when I went to use the car. That way, I had a quick way in when the car decided to lock its doors.
    That is a lovely car. It does look like a Funeral home car but I like those cars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by t walgamuth View Post
    That is a lovely car. It does look like a Funeral home car but I like those cars.
    If the Fleetwood had retained its build quality and interior opulence from 1966, and refined the chassis & suspension for outright performance and handling, it could have been a contender to Audi's 8-series, BMW's 7-series and Mercedes Benz's S-class. Unfortunately, in the 1970's GM chose volume over exclusivity, and cheapened the Cadillac brand to the point it will never recover.


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