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Thread: I discovered new uses for Vanilla Ice Cream.

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    I discovered new uses for Vanilla Ice Cream.

    I recently went to make a Vanilla Cone, low and behold NO CONES . just when I was looking up to the Heavens, I noticed My box of spoon size Shredded Wheat on top of the Frig "the upstairs Light went on" . what a treat,probably just as good taste wise as a Cone "or maybe I'm on the fence" either way yum ! now to sum it up, just Tonight I figured on having the last piece "sliver like" of Pumpkin Pie. because it lacked in size I knew I needed to stretch it out for the long hall. and of course Vanilla Ice Cream logged in again,had My share of Apple and Rhubarb Pie this way. but Pumpkin Pie with Vanilla, I may have found a new Love
    Joseph R. Zeiger

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    Ice cream releases endorphins in the brain, as does dark chocolate. So you've got your dairy and your produce covered. Add bacon and three food groups are satisfied.

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    Lastly, a bit of eggnog to drown it out seems like just the ticket given its creamy yet quicksilver-like mouthfeel.

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    Boy...for us diabetics, this is a cruel posting...but I enjoyed the fantasy anyway.
    John Clary
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