Hello! I posted earlier about my 54 Commander (original 6 volt system) having charging issues. The previous owner replaced an 8 volt battery with a 6 volt, and dialed down the voltage regulator too much. Upon noticing this issue, I attempted to correct the voltage regulator. It puts out a hair over 7 volts (per the service manual) and a quick idle.

After fixing this, I was driving a bit, keeping an eye on the ammeter. At first it charged as it should, far to the right after starting, then just a hair to the right as I drove and used brake lights, blinkers, etc. However, after about a mile of driving, it went right back to sitting in the middle, not at all on the charging side. Only once did it briefly show that it was charging again (maybe for a half mile). Using electronics would show a discharge, and it would never return to the charging side. I went back home and parked it.

Starting it today, it did the same thing, only the ammeter quit showing charging after a shorter period of time. It ran just fine, but I was hesitant to take it far and see if the battery would actually deplete itself. I inspected the voltage regulator, and it looks very clean. None of the coils are burnt - I believe it to be a newer unit. What could be causing it to be intermittent like this? I do believe the gauge to be accurate, because even it is not charging, the ammeter responds to headlights, blinkers, etc. being used. Any thoughts?

Thank you in advance!