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I'm at my wits end trying to get this car to run correctly...

So NOW, my hot starting, high-idle issue is corrected. In its place, I can now not start my car cold without 25 minutes to spare. If I set the choke to the manual--on the center notch--the car makes what I can only describe as a "revving starter" sound; like it sorta vaguely ignites every couple of cycles, but not enough to kick over. If I set the choke one notch rich, the starter just runs and runs. If I set the choke lean, the result is the same as on the center notch, unless I set it so lean that it's off the scale, and then it will fire up enough to disengage the starter and immediately die. One pump, fifteen pumps, and everywhere in-between yeilds the same result: nothing. Eventually, after a lot of grinding away at my starter and unloading and fiddling with the choke settings, I can get it to run enough--extremely roughly, by the way--that if I keep the accelerator floored, the idle will clear up and the engine will run. Once it's warm enough to run on its own, it runs like a top; smooth, pulls well, restarts perfectly fine. But once it cools off, I'm back to square one.

Now, when I replaced my manifold gasket, I re-rebuilt the carb. What I mean to say is that I took all the brand new components of the rebuild and inspected and cleaned them, put them carefully back together, step by step, according to the shop manual, and made every adjustment, in order, precisely according to the book. I triple-checked every single one with feeler gauges and verified free movement of each and every moving part before I put that thing back on my car. I cannot stress this enough: the carb is set EXACTLY per the Studebaker shop manual... Except the choke, which currently has no correct setting that I can determine.

In case you missed the previous thread, I've replace the following:

Complete carb rebuild
Manifold gasket
Exhaust flange gasket
Spark plugs and cables