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Thread: New Dog Hauler - '55 Commander Conestoga

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    Not much to report this weekend, I only spent a few hours on the car this afternoon. I pulled the intake and swapped on the rebuilt WCFB setup. It runs great... George in Tallahassee did a fantastic job on the carb.

    The '55's had a screen door spring instead of solid throttle linkage. I modified the throttle bellcrank to accept the later style rod linkage. Everything went together just as it should.

    I'd found a correct 4 barrel air cleaner for the car, but when cleaning it up for paint I discovered that the whole thing was filled with a mouse nest. I cut a hole in the bottom and cleaned it out, but still decided it wasn't worth the risk of trash getting sucked into the engine. So.. I used an old Offy adapter and put the original 2 barrel air cleaner back on. It'll work until I can find the right one.

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