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Thread: I'm a paintin' fool

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    I'm a paintin' fool

    The weather is mild so it's time to paint the windows that I've been putting off all summer. They're 6 over 6 single pane (insulated glass is not allowed in the historic district). Well, both sides needed a coat so I set to the task with a 3" angled sash brush and determination. Two weeks later they are finished and so is my arthritic hand! I calculated that 8 windows times 12 panes each two sides equals 768 pieces of trim that were painted plus the trim and sills. Hopefully the gloss white will outlive me.

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    Painting has never been one of my favorite things and I especially dislike painting windows. Glad you have the job done.

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    Let me say you have my admiration. I once did similar math and I think we came to over 800 edges that needed to be painted on a house that was under 950 Sq. Ft.. Our house was built in 1958 but must have been assembled with anything (old) the builder could acquire. You see the town I live in only had a population of about 1,500 when the house was built, and today it is over 125,000! Likely 99% of the windows are metal or vinyl. So, needless to say my wife and I were enamored in 1983 to find a house that looked like it had been built in the early 1900's (I'm sure some of the windows were). Some of the glass was wavy with flaws. Real character.

    Well, that charm wore off as we contemplated all the work those windows were going to take. And they were an odd collection. 1 over 1, 2 over 2, 3 over 3, 6 over 6, 12 over 12. I drove by the house a while back. The current own has 1 over 1 vinyl windows. The charm is gone but I have to sympathize with all the labor. So, a LARGE APPLAUSE to you. I 'could have been there and I could have done that' but eventually (thankfully) moved before I got around to it.
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