We've had reports that some people have had troubles making room reservations at LaQuinta Hotel in Tacoma for the International Convention August 29-31, Sept 1, 2018. There is a correct procedure to be sure you get your room at the hotel:

Do NOT call the "800" number for LaQuinta, as that will direct your call to a "national" reservation desk in Texas (or elsewhere). They have NO knowledge of a Studebaker Convention at their Tacoma location, and they have NO knowledge of a guaranteed room rate for the Studebaker Drivers Club. Making a reservation through their "800" number will get you a reservation for the days of the meet at the going national rate, which is substantially higher.

Call the local number for LaQuinta (253-383-0146), and listen CAREFULLY to the instructions in their entirety. If, before you listen to the entire message, you take "Option 1", you will be directed to their "national" reservation desk (see above), and they will have NO knowledge of a guaranteed room rate.

Instead, take "Option 5", which will direct your call to the Tacoma LaQuinta front reservation desk, where you can make your reservation for the meet.

Again, "Option 5", when calling 253-383-0146 for your reservation will get you the Studebaker rate. There IS a "Studebaker" rate on the block of rooms the club has guaranteed.

Denny Foust
Convention Chairman