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Thread: Cub Cadet XT2 Part Deux

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    Cub Cadet XT2 Part Deux

    From the last post, I had pretty much decided I needed a Cub Cadet XT2 42" riding mower and went looking for deals. My initial thought I wouldn't buy one unless I found a decent deal or I would wait until spring.

    I visited several more dealers from Deere to Cub to Husqvarna and came to a few more conclusions.
    - In the mid-price range they all use the same drivetrain. Kohler/Kawasaki engine and Tuff Torg K46 transmission/rearend.
    - Deals are hard to come by in this area
    - The mowers I'm interested in have rigid frames and can spin tires on wet ground and side hill mowing.

    I did make a decision and I actually got a great deal from a dealer that wanted the 2017's gone.

    It's not yellow, it's a bit more tractor than I originally planned on and I had to drive 60 miles to get it.

    It's a Husqvarna yt42dxls Best part is it has limited slip, wider than normal rear tires and a draw under the fabricated mowing deck that will take chrome off a 57 Chevy bumper.

    It's a lot of machine for the money and I'm glad I had to do more shopping as I got better informed about these units and the differences or lack of differences between the brands and models. The weather forecast looks like it'll be broken in before cold weather.

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    I have a yellow mower, but it is a self-propelled walk behind. Good enough for our 1/2 acre. Enjoy your fine machine.

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    I hope it is a locking differential rather than a limited-slip type. With a limited-slip, you will be spinning a tire everytime that you turn the steering wheel.
    My parents had a Husqvarna riding mower 15 years ago, only problem was that it had aluminum deck spindles (had to replace one) and a flimsy deck. Your deck is obviously heavy duty and hopefully it has heavier duty spindles. Best of luck with it.

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    I still have Dad's old Allis-Chalmers 608LT riding mower. It was a hand-me-down from Grandpa Skow. Grandpa had the Allis dealership in Moorhead, Iowa and sold it to himself, circa 1976.

    Despite that, I use a little push mower on my postage stamp sized yard in Omaha, because it's too small for rider to be practical.
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