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    The fake accident story is a hoot, and pure genius. From what I remember, he actually paid extra money to any driver who would roll their car over, as it added to the excitement. The price in 1949 was $50.00 for a rollover as told to me by the realtor I purchased my first house from. He had raced at Soldier Field. At any rate, after a guy fliped his car one night, the ambulance comes over, sticks him on the gurney, loads it and drives away. When the ambulance pulls away, the stretcher rolls out the back of the ambulance! Ambulance stops, throws it in reverse and rolls over the gurney with the guy still on it. Crowd goes nuts. They reload and leave. Next week there were even more people in attendance. The gurney that fell out of the ambulance had a dummy on it, not a real person. Andy Granatelli was one of the best promoters ever. Read the book.

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    I did.... Years ago. It's truly a classic.
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