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Thread: A real real tragedy

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    A real real tragedy

    The terrible California fires have devastated so many, burned thousands of homes and family momento's. Whole neighborhoods are nothing but ashes. Many have died as well as many peoples beloved pets. The great firefighters are getting the upper hand and hopefully, by this coming weekend, the fires will be out. So many of these people will have to start all over again, rebuilding their lives.
    I have seen pictures of burned cars and trucks, made me wonder how many collectable cars and trucks have been destroyed. Hope they were covered by insurance. For some, who may have a classic vehicle that survived but the paper work was lost in the fire, I can only imagine the great time they will have at the local DMV, trying to explain their need to get registration and a new tittle. The reason I say that is because DMV's are becoming more difficult to deal with. I hope every one will get through this with the help of a greater power.

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    It's ironic--no, shocking-- how areas that seem like paradise on Earth the majority of the time, can suddenly turn into the worst place in the world on account of natural disasters.

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