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Thread: Two 1964's one Laguna Blue and one Blue Lagoon

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    Two 1964's one Laguna Blue and one Blue Lagoon

    Here are my two 1964 Studes -- the Challenger Wagonaire is correct Studebaker Laguna Blue I have owned it since 2011 the Daytona Sedan joined the family in July of this year and is a nice rust free car out of New Mexico that was repainted at some point in a blue that is a couple of shades off from the original -- so until I can identify the color I am calling it Blue Lagoon. Both cars are manual shift both have all original interiors the wagon has 39,000 original miles and the sedan has 65,500 original miles.
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    Looks good to me.

    "In the heart of Arkansas."
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    Good looking Studebakers! You can park either of them in my garage any time.
    Love the Wagonaire! Think about adding it to the Wagonaire registry at:

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    Beautiful! Nice pair o' Studes!

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