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Thread: Engine rebuild update

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skip Lackie View Post
    I suspect that on Long Island you will not be able to find any ethanol-free gasoline. If that is true, any name-brand regular gas will do fine. Would suggest that you add Sta-bil for winter storage, and some brand of anti-alcohol additive all year round. There are many different brands, and I'll allow others to suggest their favorites. Fuel blends sold during winter tend to evaporate and deteriorate more quickly than those sold during the warmer months. wiill help you find non ethanol gas
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Dame View Post wiill help you find non ethanol gas
    Probably not on Long Island, where plee lives. All counties are non-compliant areas, and the only non-ethanol gas will be racing fuel or untaxed for off-road equipment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jessie J. View Post
    Looks like he doesn't need to make any excuses, as he has you to do it for him. When he runs over you, don't neglect to call out to him to back over you also, 'cause he missed a spot. :-p
    Thanks for your support.
    peter lee

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    Commack and Babylon have ethanol free gas stations...

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