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Thread: Anybody Familiar With These Winged Parking Lights?

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    Anybody Familiar With These Winged Parking Lights?

    We got these off of our 58 Silver Hawk. The entire car was original, so we're figuring that these are as well. I saw one pair on a 57 Golden Hawk, and the wings were gold in color. That guy said that these are very rare. I am guessing that these are not gold because they were on a Silver Hawk. Can anybody shed some light on how rare these are, and what their applications were? Thanks!

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    All 58 Hawks had the winged lights. Only the Packard Hawk had the gold wings. If you saw them on a different car.....they changed them.
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    And 1958 was the only year that the Hawk lights had wings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ndynis View Post
    And 1958 was the only year that the Hawk lights had wings.
    You got to love the Sputnik era of Googie! Even the turn signals had tail-fins! :3
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