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Thread: Side effects of International meet

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    Side effects of International meet

    As the days since the meet grow, I find I'm still kind of jazzed up about all the great cars I saw there. My Studebaker has been "done" for a few years now and I confess that lately I've spent more time with a brand X I picked up recently.
    But man. So many good looking Studebakers. It really kind of re-kindled my interest.
    The wife and I even spent a good deal of time looking over some very beautiful Avantis. She liked them and I was surprised at how much I did too. I never thought I'd say that!
    Getting out to the average car show is fun, but being immersed in Studebaker for a few days was a nice reminder of how cool they are.

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    Studebakers are cool, and Studebaker people are great!
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