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Thread: M5 Pickup

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    M5 Pickup

    My name is Nina and I am from Germany.
    I just bought myself a Studebaker M5 Pickup from 1947.


    I really love that car!

    Now I discovered that the engine number doesn´t fit the car.
    Does anyone know something about it?
    That is the number on the engine in the car:
    And we found some more numbers... ;-)
    20170414_154946.jpg Thats the number from the flathead.

    We think that it is a 1956 2E 5 for the E Truck. Can someone confirm that?

    In Germany the technical inspection agency will have a problem with that engine because we can not find it in our car identification papers.
    Any ideas?

    We also have a dual carburator from Carter with an Offenhauser manifold. Can anybody tell me how much more power it gets with that?
    20170414_154901.jpg 20170414_154926.jpg

    Further I found a picture of a steering wheel that I would love for my M5. Does anybody know where I can find something like that?

    Thanks guys
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    Nice truck!
    The easiest question to answer is the steering wheel. That looks like a stock wheel that someone painted a nice wood grain finish on. To get a steering wheel like that you will have to paint it yourself or pay someone to do it. There are videos on line about wood graining.
    The engine number does appear to be from a 56 model. It is not unusual for a truck that old to have a replacement engine.
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    Welcome to the form Nina! If you don't receive all the answers here you may want to check out a Studebaker specific truck forum here

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    Does appear to be the 185 cid engine from a '56 2E. A desirable upgrade from the original 169.7 cid. Engines wear out and get replaced.

    The M5-C2 body tag is obvious; and it is the 31086th cab to be assembled.

    Shrock Brothers manufacture new steering wheels on old cores. You might send them a photo and ask if they could match that wheel. In any event, it won't be cheap!
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    Find a local shop that does water transfers. They can provide many grain variations and such.

    This dash and steering wheel was done with water transfer process..

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    Could you post a pic of your dual carb set up? I am working on a 1955 Champion and will install a dual carb set up.

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    That's a really nice looking truck! What kind of trouble will the technical inspection agency have? Do they expect the engine number to be on the title or are they looking for something about the engine displacement or expected emissions or something like that?

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    On the engine block, Studebaker used the letter I in place of the number 1 . It's one of those "Studebaker" things. enjoy your new toy!! Lou Cote

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