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studebaker champ

Frozen clutch

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any ideas on how to free up a frozen (stuck) clutch without removing the transmission & bell housing?
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  1. Skip Lackie's Avatar
    Jack up the rear end so both rear tires are off the ground. Start engine in high gear. Push in clutch and slam on the brakes.
  2. bmslrs's Avatar
    I thought I had that problem on my 41... It turned out that we needed to modify the clutch adjustment coupler for more travel. Clutch works fine now....
  3. 1953champcoupe's Avatar
    The first time I had that happen I pulled the transmission and disassembled the clutch, which was a pain because it had a scatter shield with lots of bolts on it. The second time I just put the car in neutral, fired the engine and then depressed the clutch and it released, in my case I think it was just a tad bit of rust that caused the problem, hopefully that is your issue also.