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old fart

1959 Studebaker Golden Lark

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OK, I know they never existed. This should be a little fun exercise. If it was available, what would be on the car?

I'll start with the easy stuff... For the engine, I'd go with the 289 supercharged engine from the '58 Golden Hawk. For the transmission, I'd go with the Borg Warner T-10. What? Studebaker didn't have these in '59? Borg Warner did. This was an available trans in the Corvette from 1957 until GM developed their own.

OK, so tell me what you'd add to this car but try to keep it to what was available to '59.

T10 not good enough if anything use a T10D 4speed learned from a great imagination given to me by my grand-father .I do like the 289 super charged Idea lets go with two Mccullochs .

Old fart
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