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1960 Hawk - Donut has a hole in it

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My son and I are looking at 1960 Hawk to purchase. Nephew of owner says exhaust "donut" has a hole/leak in it that goes away after car warms up. Can anyone enlighten us to what is a "donut" in the exhaust system? How hard to source and replace? I am not familiar with the term "donut" except with coffee.
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  1. BShaw's Avatar
    I think the "donut" being referred is a gasket between the exhaust manifold outlet and the exhaust pipe.

    by the way, you should be posting questions like this in the "forum" imstead if as a "blog" post. Specifically, this question should be in the "tech talk" forum. Blogs ae better suited for presentations and updates of a project, etc. the general and texh forums ensure most vistors will see your post and be able to respond to it. Hope this is of help.
  2. Mattzdad's Avatar
    THX, I will repost in Tech Talk. How do I remove these from blog? Mattzdad of MN
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