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Avanti R2

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Just purchased a 63 Avanti R2 with 4 speed trans . It seems like its geared like a old time truck when I get it up to 60 mph the tach is 3500 rpm Is this normal ?
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  1. 64V-K7's Avatar
    Anyone ever answer your question?
  2. colt45sa's Avatar
    My '63 R2 Avanti 4-speed car had a factory installed 3.73:1 rear. Can't imagine how steep your rear must be to tach up like that. Sounds steeper than a 4.11:1. At 70 to 75 mph going down the Atlantic City Expressway I was only twisting about 3200. Don't know how many different ratios were available from the factory. This is a question for the tech forum.