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Searching for original owner.

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I recently bot a 1949 Studebaker PU, modified to a 1988 Chevy S10 4x4 chassis. Was listed on E-Bay by fellow in Ruidosa, N.M.. later got with him and made purchase. He said purchased the truck in Omaha, Ne., flew there and drove it home. Think he got this truck about 2014, then sold it to me this past summer. The truck has been put together good so would not think a complete first timer did it. Also think probably a member of Studebaker Drivers Club. The N.M owner said he had deleted name and could not remember who purchased from??. I am more interested in the history of this truck than found out from seller to me, so if anyone out there knows about this original owner, his name, shop or any info would be appreciated. Thx. Also can provide more info on truck if needed. Will say everything except 49 Studebaker body is pretty much Chevy.
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