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stop light directional problem 1957 Golden Hawk

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I know that somewhere in the tech forum issues similar to this have been discussed—but I can’t find the appropriate thread. My problem is the left brake light and left rear turn signals do not work on the 1957 Golden Hawk I am trying to restore.
Things that I know:
1. Tail lights and parking lights work fine - both sides front and back.
2. License plate light works
3. Trunk light works
4. Turn signal works to indicate right turn both in the front and rear
5. Left turn signal (front) works good but seems brighter than similar signal on right
6. White wire at rear inoperative (suspect that it was for backup light –disconnected by a P.O. when the automatic was replaced with a BW T-86 3 speed w/OD
7. The Black/Oak wire at the rear does not get any power with Brake or turn signal (no position of the turn signal switch provides any power to the connector.
Things I suspect:
1. Turn signal switch???
2. Faulty connection somewhere in circuits
3. Something I have not thought of.

Any comments will help—please