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84 Avanti Power Mirror Switch

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My '84 Avanti has the power side mirrors. After much restoration work including the mirrors, the mirrors do not work. I can not find an wiring information like a diagram. I was told the solid blue, red and yellow wires went from switch to the mirrors. If that is correct then of the other three - white w/black strip, blue w/white stripe and red w/black strip - one must supply power to the switch itself. I can add that from the switch the wires go to two connector blocks(?). One has red w/black , blue w/white and solid red. The second has white w/black, solid blue and solid yellow. That is what I can see at the door.

The switch is no longer available and the piece used to switch from left side mirror to right side is broken off. I have attached a picture of the switch...or trying to add.Click image for larger version. 

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Basic question is what wire carries the power to the switch and then to the mirror/s? If original switch is no longer available is there another switch I can use as replacement?

And, since I'm talking electrical problems, is there a replacement motor for the power windows, or must I have the original one rebuilt?

Thanks in advance.

Jim Cummings
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  1. sodman's Avatar
    UPDATE: I found that the blue w/white stripe carried the power and the connection was poor from the connector block to the switch. Once I got a good connection I was able to get the mirrors working.

    I'm now working on the left side power window and I suspect that problem is with the motor.