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Studebaker Power Steering Control Valve - how to

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The replacement seals damage very easily . The best way to install them is to have the valve out and install one end,the steel washer, then slide the valve through the middle. Push the valve through as far as you can without pushing the new seal out of the bore, and install the other new seal on the opposite end of the valve.
By doing this there is no poking or trying to push the seal and possibly damaging the outside sealing lip.
If your hoses are good, you don't have to disassemble everything to change the seals. Remove the end cap, and adjusting nut, remove the spring seat, spring, spacer, and other spring seat. On the front of the valve body remove the two 1/2" cap screws, and slide the valve body rearwards off the spool valve rod. Leav all the hoses attached, then replace the seals as described, and slide newly sealed valve back over the rod and reassemble in reverse order. You can change the seals in less than 1 hour!
It can be done on the car without having to pull the pitman arm, or having to disassemble any of the front section of the valve, or even have to remove any hoses.
I just completed the reseal as posted and it worked perfectly!!!!
Saved a lot of time and work!
Thanks so much!
Rich Kimmell
'64 cruiser
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