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1925 ER Help

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Hello Studebaker enthusiasts!
I am a new SDC member after I recently bought my first vintage car. It is a 1925 Studebaker Standard Six model ER Sedan. The car is original and in good condition. I just got the old girl running after some minor repairs. When I took her for a short sin around town, I found a vibration at about 30 MPH. The rear rag U joint was shot. I can make one out of modern materials but would like to keep it as close to the way the Studebaker workers made it over 90 years ago.
After that comes the real challenge, replacing broken or missing interior parts. Door knobs, pulls, window cranks, lock levers, windshield wiper motor, and upholstery.
All help is appreciated. Thanks!


  1. jim9042's Avatar
    11/17 With some help from a childhood friend we made new wafers from an old hay baler belt. Works good no more vibration from the rear.