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1956 Swoops on K Bodies

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I have a driver's side door I removed from a '56 Sky Hawk parts car to use on my '53 Commander Starliner. At that time, I didn't realize there was a difference, but I can tell you for certain; the Sky Hawk door has the "short swoop" like the '56 Golden Hawk. I have since purchased a correct ('54) door for my '53, so the Sky Hawk door is now for sale.
Thanks, that means that the Sky Hawk prototype on page 2 of this month's Turning Wheels had a 1953-1955 door with the long swoop.
It is probably safe to assume that 1956 Flight Hawk hardtops also used these new doors with the short swoop.
I still do not know about C bodied 1956 Hawks. I would guess that they did not change.
I am still looking for definite information, not my assumptions or guesses.
I have a 56 Flight Hawk hardtop 56g-k7 & I can verify that the doors have the short swoops, same as the sky hawks & the golden hawks. We found our car in Canada, on of the 52 built in Ontario
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    as the owner of the 56 Flight Hawk Hardtop 56G-K7 mentioned above, does anyone know of any other Flight Hawk Hardtops in the US?? the previous owner of this one was told by SDC it was maybe the only survivor in the US? I'm curious if there are any others?? I can be emailed @: