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  1. Dec 7 1941 " Day of Infamy"

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    I'll bet the "Media" will only give the Date a passing notice. BTW the Infamy was from FDR's Declaration of War speech on 8 Dec...
    FDR's opening words before Congress, Monday December 8, 1941:

    Yesterday, December 7 1941, a date that will live in infamy, the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.
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  2. Need a starter for a 289 supercharged V8?

    No longer needed, Also have a bell housing for the automatic plus torque converter for the 289.
    $50.00 for the starter. Call about any of it

    contact Butch 970-232-6750 or my wife's email subject: Studebaker starter -- housing- converter.
  3. We don't need no stinkin' proofreader

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    So do need to find an British English- American English translation app or is there already one out there

    I was a history teacher for 31 years and when it came to reading items that were written prior to the U.S. adopting its own form of the English language the students had to stumble around awhile before getting used to the difference.

    During the late 50's early 60's I was parts manager in a GM dealership that had franchises with Opel(German) ...
  4. Promoting Vintage Car Mechanics

    What can Forum members do to expand the "reach" of vintage car mechanics? I am very new to the forum, so I'm unaware of previous blogs or comments on this issue. My situation is that a few "reliable" mechanics, (in my area) refuse to work on older vintage cars, such as my 1964 GT Hawk. Feedback is that it is against their policy, since it ties up a "bay" too long. My suggestion: Require that specific required parts be "in hand" before working on a vintage ...
  5. 64 cruiser for sale

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    I have a 64 cruiser fur sale,59000 original miles. I'm second owner,the last owner had it 30 years. It has 289 v/8 auto trans. Power steering and brakes,ac [ to be converted 134 ] radio clock dash lights are not working afuse i think i have back problems i can not bend down to check the fuse's. It has new brake lines new new brakes,new dual exhaust,5 new tires,radiator has been re cored,carb. Rebuilt,new belts and hose's,new fuel pump front wind lace has been replaced. I have not seen any rust
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