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  1. 1964 Daytona Convertible Registry

    Quote Originally Posted by mrjazzmillcreek View Post
    Just curious to see if anyone is keeping tract of the remaining 64 Convertibles as there were so few originally made.

    Yes there is , Stu Chapman
  2. Registries :

    Quote Originally Posted by 8E45E View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by old fart View Post
    I forgot which registry do you manage Craig ??

    I've never been a roster/registry keeper, though I have supplied information to all the ones that apply to me.


    Sorry Craig was under the impression you were you seem to have that sum of knowledge .

    Old Fart
  3. 1959 Lark Registry

    Quote Originally Posted by Buzzard View Post
    OK here we go.
    Mine (as of two days ago) is VIN # 59VC1769
    Can we get a registry going here of 1959 cars?
    Mine is a 2 DR Hard Top with V8 Auto, 25,000 original miles.
    Thanks guys, lets see what you have.
    Hey Buzzard : I manage the registry for the 65 Daytona Sports Sedans and would love to see another registry fire up I have a 59 hardtop up for sale . can't get serial number until snow all gone . Are you interested in forming a registry for the ...
  4. 1941 Champion Title

    I am looking for a title and data plate for a 1941 champion 4 door.
    can anyone help. Thank you.
  5. 1964 engine iditification

    I have a 1964 Lark Commander with the 259 with serial # VM306. What does the M mean?
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