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  1. '62 GT Hawk - July 4, 2016 Progress Report

    Happy 4th of July to all the readers in the USA!

    Fair amount done since last post. Decided to slow down on the engine and concentrate on getting the bottom side of the car finished up, so reassembly can continue. Got started with this a week ago; had to drain the lube out of the rear axle (when I filled it up, I had not planned to put the car on the rotisserie), plus ensure the lube won't run out the top of the steering box into the column when the car is upside down. Also had a bunch ...

    Updated 07-04-2016 at 04:34 PM by r1lark

    '62 GT Hawk
  2. 57 hawk 3 year restore update question

    OK I have been working on this Hawk for years and have recently moved from Indiana to Virginia and I have lost all my reference pictures during move VIA Best Buy Geek squad repair and erased my hard drive without outside storage backup to put back in. I also lost the flash drive that I made.
    Anyway some of you might remember this Hawk needing a roof which I got from Tom in South Bend. I have since installed roof and I'm in the middle of paint. Now my problem is I removed the Halo band from ...
  3. '63 Champ Pickup - Body Rust Repair Part 2

    ...........continued from Part 1:

    The lower portion of the post inside was trimmed straight across……….

    …….and a new piece formed to replace it. Note even the oval hole is reproduced, and also the tabs to allow it to be properly welded to the part of the post that curves ‘down’ to the sill. Yeah, a little rough on the forming, but it will be covered…….
    '63 Champ Pickup
  4. '63 Champ Pickup - Body Rust Repair Part 1

    Body Rust Repair

    Last updated 03-30-2009
    Oh boy, here comes the fun part! The body is not that bad, compared to some. Some floorboard work, new rockers, door repair (probably will use a NOS door on the drivers side since it’s just gathering dust in the garage), that weird rust-out on the firewall, and the rear cab corners. Was putting this off until Classic comes out with Champ cab corners, but have just about given up on that - the cab corners worry me the most. (That’s ...

    Updated 06-25-2016 at 07:30 PM by r1lark

    '63 Champ Pickup
  5. '63 Champ Pickup - Oil Bath Air Cleaner Mod to Dry Filter Type

    Oil Bath Air Cleaner Mod to Dry Filter Type

    Last Updated 03-30-2009
    What type of air cleaner to use?? Since the engine has an Edelbrock 500 cfm AFB, the stock Stude air cleaner could not be used unless the carb top was swapped for an earlier top. A chrome air cleaner was considered, but decided that would look out of place. It was finally decided to try and modify a 1964 Stude oil bath air cleaner for a dry filter.
    No, a 4bbl oil bath was not cut up (altho one was available). A 2bbl that came ...
    '63 Champ Pickup
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