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  1. Skip Lackie's Avatar
    Avanti II wiring harnesses were assembled one at a time by a lady stringing individual wires around pegs driven into a big piece of plywood. While many of them were the same, a lot of them were not. You could try contacting Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motors and see what he has on file. And if you haven't already, post your question on the AOAI forum:

    And if you find one for a 74, please lemme know -- I'd like one too.
  2. Steve jacobson's Avatar
    Thanks for inquiring! No answers but there was a short in the fan switch which my mechanic solved. It was not the resistor. Thanks again!
  3. 64V-K7's Avatar
    Anyone answer you yet?
  4. 64V-K7's Avatar
    No One has kicked in on this??
  5. Skip Lackie's Avatar
    I think what you have is the attaching tail of windlace that has dried up and been removed. The windlace was held on by small tacks. The earliest 2R trucks may have been somewhat different than the later ones, but the April 1950 parts book shows that the headliner and interior panels are held on by a C-shaped aluminum molding over each door and sheet metal screws everywhere else.
  6. Skip Lackie's Avatar
    I would call it windlace. It is round foam rubber with vinyl covering and a tail for attaching. SI has it in black for $2.50 a foot. Part number 801810. Other companies may have it in other colors. I think you need 40 feet for both doors. It serves to seal up the crack between the door and cab body, reducing wind noise and cold air intrusion. The aluminum mouldings and/or the lower interior panels cover over the tacks.
  7. MortenB's Avatar
    Maybe a starter who hits the flywheel teeths..?
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    Nothing is a "drop in", but a Studebaker V8 would come close, as all the parts to do it would be available on a Stude V8 parts car. Chevy V8s are a popular swap, largely because of their availability and parts availability. But even then, some items would need to be fabricated, and you would have to change your transmission, rear axle, etc.

    You might get a better response if you posted your question in the regular Stude forum and not as a blog.
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    Looks great to me!