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  1. stop light directional problem 1957 Golden Hawk

    I know that somewhere in the tech forum issues similar to this have been discussed—but I can’t find the appropriate thread. My problem is the left brake light and left rear turn signals do not work on the 1957 Golden Hawk I am trying to restore.
    Things that I know:
    1. Tail lights and parking lights work fine - both sides front and back.
    2. License plate light works
    3. Trunk light works
    4. Turn signal works to indicate right turn both in the front and ...
  2. 84 Avanti Power Mirror Switch

    My '84 Avanti has the power side mirrors. After much restoration work including the mirrors, the mirrors do not work. I can not find an wiring information like a diagram. I was told the solid blue, red and yellow wires went from switch to the mirrors. If that is correct then of the other three - white w/black strip, blue w/white stripe and red w/black strip - one must supply power to the switch itself. I can add that from the switch the wires go to two connector blocks(?). One has red w/black ...
  3. 1989 Avanti convertible A/C blower motor resistor

    Blower fan only works in low the resistor a GM part(source)?