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  1. Gas Tank

    I need good condition used gas tank for 1963 Lark two door sedan six cylinder. Any help appreciated. Marlin in MN
  2. 55 E13 1-Ton

    Hey folks, check out my truck:

    1955 E13 1-Ton dually

    9500 GVW
    224-4sp floor shift
    Engine 2E-2113
    Stromberg 6-114 Carb
    Lift/Dump Bed
    Stake Bed
    131" Wheel Base
    16" rims
    48,000 miles

    Looking for:
    653700-I have 2-chrome bezels but looking for the the long screws to mount (4) (part#?)
    653409-Parking Lamp Lens (2)
    653438-Parking Lamp Lens Gasket (2)
    653428-Weatherstrip Headlamp to Grill Panel ...
  3. Need help identifying a M5 Studebaker

    I just purchased a 1946 M5 Studebaker. It appears to have a M15 chassis and a M5 cab. Does anyone know if Studebake made trucks like this configuration? Can you tell me anything about the truck? The numbers on the cab are M5-C2, 49413. Appreciate any help.
  4. 60 Lark Regal VII1

    First blog... Not sure what I am actually doing....
    Own a 60 Lark Convertible 60V46899
  5. Avanti Club

    Any interest in a Wa. Avanti Club, all I need is one more Avanti, and we have a new club ! "WHAT SAY YOU ". Tom 425/350-1963
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