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  1. '63 Champ Pickup - Body Rust Repair Part 1

    Body Rust Repair

    Last updated 03-30-2009
    Oh boy, here comes the fun part! The body is not that bad, compared to some. Some floorboard work, new rockers, door repair (probably will use a NOS door on the drivers side since it’s just gathering dust in the garage), that weird rust-out on the firewall, and the rear cab corners. Was putting this off until Classic comes out with Champ cab corners, but have just about given up on that - the cab corners worry me the most. (That’s ...

    Updated 06-25-2016 at 06:30 PM by r1lark

    '63 Champ Pickup
  2. '63 Champ Pickup - Oil Bath Air Cleaner Mod to Dry Filter Type

    Oil Bath Air Cleaner Mod to Dry Filter Type

    Last Updated 03-30-2009
    What type of air cleaner to use?? Since the engine has an Edelbrock 500 cfm AFB, the stock Stude air cleaner could not be used unless the carb top was swapped for an earlier top. A chrome air cleaner was considered, but decided that would look out of place. It was finally decided to try and modify a 1964 Stude oil bath air cleaner for a dry filter.
    No, a 4bbl oil bath was not cut up (altho one was available). A 2bbl that came ...
    '63 Champ Pickup
  3. '63 Champ Pickup - Chevy 15×6″ Wheels with Champ Hubcaps

    Chevy 15×6″ Wheels with Champ Hubcaps

    Last Updated 03-28-2009
    This page shows how I adapted the stock stainless steel Champ 1/2-ton hubcaps to the 15X6 Chevy Express Van wheels. These wheels were used because they fit the front disc brake conversion, and also fit over the rear Champ brake drums.

    ******Disclaimer: This page does not represent a recommendation for you to modify your wheels and/or suspension. It simply shows how I modified mine. Modification to vehicle ...

    Updated 06-25-2016 at 06:32 PM by r1lark

    '63 Champ Pickup
  4. '63 Champ Pickup - Brake System

    Brake System

    Last updated 03-28-2009
    The brake system was fully redone. Rear drums were excellent, and were just cleaned, friction surface scuffed, and the drums painted. The wheel cylinders and shoes were replaced, along with the emergency brake cable.

    The front brakes were replaced with a Turner disc brake conversion system. I purchased the kit with just the bracket, fasteners, and spindle spacer from Jim Turner, and sourced the other component from local ...

    Updated 06-25-2016 at 06:36 PM by r1lark

    '63 Champ Pickup
  5. '63 Champ Pickup - Chassis and Fuel System Restoration Part 2

    .........continued from Part 1:

    Next came the steering idler with a NOS bushing installed………

    ….and all the ’special’ 8E steering linkage is NOS too:

    BTW, all of these new parts came with an 8E12 (V8 with 5 speed OD tranny) truck ...

    Updated 06-25-2016 at 06:39 PM by r1lark

    '63 Champ Pickup
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