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  1. need info

    I've got a 57 transstar need to know where the vin numbers are at
  2. '62 GT Hawk - July 22 Update

    Update Friday 7/22/2016:

    Whew, it is HOT this afternoon. I've been working outside only in the morning; I can roll the car out at 6:30 am and it stays in the shade of the house until about 11:00 am. Was just out from about 2pm to 3pm, and that sun is brutal.

    The car is pretty much ready to spray the undercoating. The frame is masked off, and all the trim holes, etc that are thru to a place that will be undercoated are taped off. I do still have to cover the front clip ...
    '62 GT Hawk
  3. 1962 GT Hawk - July 17, 2016 Update

    Update Sunday 7/17/2016:
    Progress continues! Painting of the back half of the frame is done, and cleaning and minor touch up of the factory paint on the front half is done. The 3M undercoating is on order, to put an even coat of undercoat cover over the whole bottom of the car. Been working on cleaning/painting a bunch of small brackets and miscellaneous stuff I pulled off when working on the frame. Still have ...
    '62 GT Hawk
  4. 1962 GT Hawk - July 12 Update

    Update Tuesday 7/12/2016:
    Tomorrow morning will be 'paint the frame' day. Well, at least the back half of the frame.........the front half doesn't need it.

    Also got part 2 of the prepping the frame for paint video processed, plus a review of tools and chemicals used since several folks requested this. And, it's a short video :
    '62 GT Hawk
  5. 1962 GT Hawk - July 11 Progress Update

    Update Monday 7/11/2016:

    Been pretty warm (hot & humid) here, so I've been getting out by 7am to work on the car. The frame cleaning and rust converter application is done as of today; only the back half of the frame needed this, the front was still factory paint. Also this afternoon, I painted a bunch of small brackets (gas tank supports, muffler hangers, rear axle rubber bumper holders, etc) and fasteners. On Wednesday, I'll topcoat the back half of the frame, then can start on ...

    Updated 07-12-2016 at 09:42 PM by r1lark

    '62 GT Hawk
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