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  1. 1925 ER Help

    Hello Studebaker enthusiasts!
    I am a new SDC member after I recently bought my first vintage car. It is a 1925 Studebaker Standard Six model ER Sedan. The car is original and in good condition. I just got the old girl running after some minor repairs. When I took her for a short sin around town, I found a vibration at about 30 MPH. The rear rag U joint was shot. I can make one out of modern materials but would like to keep it as close to the way the Studebaker workers made it over 90 years ...
  2. 1956 Swoops on K Bodies

    Quote Originally Posted by studegary View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by brngarage View Post
    I have a driver's side door I removed from a '56 Sky Hawk parts car to use on my '53 Commander Starliner. At that time, I didn't realize there was a difference, but I can tell you for certain; the Sky Hawk door has the "short swoop" like the '56 Golden Hawk. I have since purchased a correct ('54) door for my '53, so the Sky Hawk door is now for sale.
    Thanks, that means that the Sky Hawk prototype on page 2 of this month's Turning Wheels had a 1953-1955 door with the long
  3. 55 259 blowing oil out of the oil filler

    I have a 54 Commander with a 55 engine that was recently rebuilt at a local performance center in Monroe, WA. I installed an aluminum valley pan with a pcv valve. No breathers in the aluminum valve cover. Only the oil filler in front of the intake has a stock breather.
    The machanical fuel pump and pushrod have been removed. Unless I drive it very easy, very easy, everything under the hood gets an oil bath. I've waisted the summer trying to figure our a cure. Any help would be appreciated! ...