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  1. 57 hawk flex plate bolts

    I recently moved from Indiana to Virginia and left engine in shop to be rebuilt. Once I transferred rebuilt engine to Virginia
    I went to install flex plate, converter etc only to find out flex plate bolts have to be installed when crankshaft is installed because there is not enough space to install flex plate bolts from the engine or crank out. Is there aa way to install flex plate bolts from the inside out without removing engine parts that are already done ????
  2. 62 Champ 1/2 ton needs shocks

    After about a ten years rest in the yard, Champ is back on the road. He needs shocks in the worst way. Is there any newer shocks now being used?

  3. Rear end rocomendations

    Hi everyone. My rear axle on my 55 studebaker e7 pickup is completely rusted out. I am looking for an easy replacement. It doesn't matter if it's a chevy or a Ford or even an aftermarket. But it needs to be replaced and on a budget. Any recommendations would help. Thank you for the help. It is greatly appreciated
  4. Temperature Gauge Creep - has anyone experienced this?

    Good morning.
    With the 63 Lark v8, I experience slow temperature gauge creep towards the "H" when sitting in traffic or even the fast-food drive in. The thermostat must be working because the car heats up normally, and also doesn't overheat like it would if the thermostat was broken. I believe I have enough coolant, and there are no leaks.
    And when i start driving again, the needle slowly creeps back to the midpoint between "C" and "H".
  5. Install carpet in a 1963 GT Hawk around clutch and brake pedal

    Quote Originally Posted by Pat Schudel View Post
    How do you install carpet around the brake and clutch pedals ?
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