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  1. 49to55 R 5 pick up

    Lets get a registry going for our trucks, I see a lot at shows and am sure their are more out there lets not all respond at once studeone
  2. WTB Studebaker Lark

    Want to buy a Studebaker Lark. I am not really looking for a show car, but one might strike me as very appealing. More of a decent looking daily driver is where I would like to jump in. Patrick 608-843-0144
  3. '59 Lark 4 Door

    Quote Originally Posted by BILT4ME View Post
    Hey Great!

    Yeah, I need the left rear window for a 59 2DHTP! Just pack it up and send it on down!!!!...............
    bilt4me i just sent you a pm , check it & email me dannyo.
  4. '62 GT Hawk - Thursday Sept 15, 2016 Update

    Wow, been almost a month since the last post. Unfortunately, not a huge amount of progress, have had a lot going on. Last weekend we went to a Studebaker meet in Maggie Valley NC, and had a really good time.

    But there has been some progress on the engine test stand, so here is a short video on that:

  5. 2 Land Cruiser problems

    Quote Originally Posted by ken-renda View Post
    1951 Land Cruiser:
    1. If car sits for a few days, it has to be primed to start. When engine is finally running, a touch on the gas pedal results in stall, unless it is pumped several times; this keeps repeating even when engine is hot. Does that sound like carburetor accelerator pump problem? Choke seems to be working OK. Had same problem with other cars (4 barrel) but switched to Edelbrock. This car sat for quite a while and it came with 6 extra carbs which hints of carb trouble.
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