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  1. '62 GT Hawk - Thursday Sept 15, 2016 Update

    Wow, been almost a month since the last post. Unfortunately, not a huge amount of progress, have had a lot going on. Last weekend we went to a Studebaker meet in Maggie Valley NC, and had a really good time.

    But there has been some progress on the engine test stand, so here is a short video on that:

  2. '62 GT Hawk - Sunday August 14, 2016 Update

    Update Sunday Aug 14, 2016:

    Not a huge amount of progress to show in pictures, but progress nonetheless. Engine/transmission test stand design is complete, and most of the materials have been obtained -- new stalk of 2"x2"x3/16" tube steel, and some scrap angle. Still need to get some casters - I have a set of nice steel casters, but they are only about 4" in diameter and not sure if they will roll reasonably well on the rough asphalt outside. I have found ...
    '62 GT Hawk
  3. '62 GT Hawk - Friday Aug 5, 2016 Update

    Friday August 5, 2016 Update: Underneath is done! All the small brackets are back on, the fuel tank and filler are installed, e-brake linkage reinstalled, brake lines reinstalled, and the underseat heater box is back in.

    Short video is here, and then pictures below the video:

    And here are some pictures...............
    Lots of small brackets and fasteners:
    '62 GT Hawk
  4. '62 GT Hawk - July 25th Update

    Update Monday July 25 - Body undercoating is DONE!

    The heat has pushed me to working from about 6:30am to about noon, then from 7:30pm to about 9:00pm. But the frame painting is done as shown in the previous update, and the undercoating of the body is done. I'm really pleased with how it came out. Here's the video: or you can just go down a little to watch the embedded video

    Hope you enjoy it! Now I can start putting the brackets and stuff back ...
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    '62 GT Hawk
  5. '62 GT Hawk - July 22 Update

    Update Friday 7/22/2016:

    Whew, it is HOT this afternoon. I've been working outside only in the morning; I can roll the car out at 6:30 am and it stays in the shade of the house until about 11:00 am. Was just out from about 2pm to 3pm, and that sun is brutal.

    The car is pretty much ready to spray the undercoating. The frame is masked off, and all the trim holes, etc that are thru to a place that will be undercoated are taped off. I do still have to cover the front clip ...
    '62 GT Hawk
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