View Full Version : 110 Studebaker Wagons, PICTURE

02-08-2017, 06:37 PM
Attached is a photo of 110 Studebaker Wagons, taken in the Black Hills

General Custer is in the picture ( taken shortly before his death ) wearing a light jacket

Also at top of page, is a picture of Sitting Bull

Hows that for history--

02-08-2017, 06:51 PM
Wow that is pretty cool that they even named the brand of wagon in the pic ..

02-12-2017, 06:46 PM
As a former history teacher and an obvious Studebaker lover this picture is really exciting. Thanks for posting it

02-13-2017, 07:46 AM
Do a check on Brother Brigham's dealings with the Studebaker brothers for a little history check.....very interesting...

02-13-2017, 11:54 AM
Interesting thing about Sitting Bull. He was a great leader like Napoleon. Also like Napoleon, he was a great man in a small package.