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12-03-2016, 12:48 AM
I have met a guy who bought a 1948 Studebaker with the intent of converting it to a period correct gasser. So he is installing a big block bow tie and 4 speed. The car is currently equipped with a 1957 289 Serial # LS1214 that was removed from a Packard Clipper. Last Saturday I stopped by to view the project and I asked the guy about the engine and he told me he wants to sell it if possible to someone who could use it. The supercharger, two barrel manifold and carb, mounting bracket ect have been removed. The guy who built the car in the 60's replaced the blower with an air compressor so his wife would have A/C. It currently has a four barrel manifold with a WCFB carb. He started it up for me (cold) and it runs great with no smoke or unwanted noises. He had cut the mufflers off to install the ladder bars and 9" rear end so it was loud but sounds great. It is backed up by the original automatic transmission that shifts into all the gears but has not been road tested since the purchase due to bad brakes on the car. It should be removed from the car by the end of the month. He is unsure of the value of this set up so he told me that he would ask for $500 for both and see what kind of offers came in. The engine is located in Santa Maria, California and he is willing to help with shipping by securing it to a pallet. If you are interested then please send me a message and I will work to connect you to him. Pictures are available and he is making a video of the engine running this weekend.I will post it when he gets it ready. I figured there might be someone out there who has a tired engine and rather then build one buy a good running one and save time and money. If I had room for it I would buy it for a future build.

12-03-2016, 01:37 AM
This is a good deal,....and that auto trans would be a somewhat rare 'short tail' water cooled HD Flightomatic! :!:

12-03-2016, 01:59 AM
Dan, Check your PM. thanks