View Full Version : What is this bumper?

10-18-2016, 12:02 PM
​Can anyone tell what year and model this bumper might be?
Length from tip to tip in a straight line is about 68 1/8.
George Rohrbach


10-18-2016, 12:17 PM
might be 1950

10-18-2016, 04:04 PM
My bet is 51, perhaps 52, with the flange on the bottom, also possibly 50 Champion, but not Commander (they were much different). Sorry I couldn't be more definitive but I sold my 51 a number of years ago and can't go out and measure it.

10-18-2016, 04:12 PM
It does appear to be '51 and '52 Champion and Commander. The proof might be measuring the distance it wraps around ie: side length.

10-18-2016, 08:10 PM
My first thought was they look very similar to my 1950 Champion bumpers. I just took a picture of mine and measured just inside the guard from top to bottom is 7". Tomorrow I can measure the side length if needed.

BTW, are the front and rear the same, other than the front has license mounting holes?


10-21-2016, 07:01 PM
Doesn't the 52 front bumper have more holes for the additional bumper guards on a 52?

It looks like a 50 Champion, or a 51 Champion/Commander front bumper to me. The rear bumpers are the same minus the middle holes for the license plate.

10-22-2016, 04:59 PM
Front for 49 thru 52 Champion also 51, 52 Commander and Land Cruiser.

TX Rebel
10-27-2016, 09:13 PM
51 or 52 front. the difference is in the bolt holes

10-28-2016, 10:08 AM
51 and 52 front bumpers are different. The spacing of the guards is different. I would need the measurement between the holes to say which you have. You would need the frame brackets that go with the front bumper to switch years.

10-30-2016, 09:50 AM
Thanks to all for their help. It really is appreciated. I was able to sell the bumper at Reedsville. The person who bought it, thought 49 thru 52 Champion also 51, 52 Commander and Land Cruiser.
George Rohrbach