View Full Version : the things you'll find when cleaning out the house

Jeff T.
10-15-2016, 07:19 PM
Hello all,

I have spent the last few months cleaning out my parents house of everything that they aquirred in their 50+ year marriage, Dad passed in 2013, Mom is now in assisted living. When I was going through the boxes and cans on Dad's workbench, I found a small cardboard box behind a couple of tins of bolts. Inside this box was an six cylinder input shaft for a T98 truck transmission that I bought around 20 years ago from SASCO.

For all these years I thought I included the input shaft in a parts trade I made in the late 1990s, I guess not:) I must have set the input shaft somewhere and Dad felt it was just in the wrong place and placed it in its proper place.

Jeff T.