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10-04-2016, 08:26 AM
Interested in working with Ann Turner on our award winning magazine?

Here's what to do if you are:

Assistant Editor

“Turning Wheels” Magazine is hiring an Assistant Editor to aid in the timely publication of this award winning magazine.
Candidates must have above average computer skills, working knowledge of phot shop software, be deadline oriented and able to work from home. This position will be responsible for editing and managing the 16 pages of the classified section of the magazine. This will include receiving all ads, managing payments, formatting all ads received, (including pictures), placing ads in proper word document format, replying to all ad inquiries, and other duties as assigned. This is a PAID position. Interested parties please submit your Resume to
Assistant Editor Position, Turning Wheels
PO Box 229
Concord, Virginia 24538-0229
OR by Email to

All applications must be received by December 1, 2016

Skip Lackie
10-04-2016, 05:03 PM
Glad to hear advertising changes are coming. Any others you can share?

10-04-2016, 07:39 PM

This is the first step in the process. Need to get Ann some help and it is on the way. After we get this completed we will be positioned to make some other decisions. Thanks for the support.