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09-22-2016, 09:08 PM
:) The fellow who owns the transmission shop where I sell my cars for sale (or did, kinda "retired" now...) called my attention to this new ad on the Indianapolis Craigslist:


Even though it is in central Indiana, nobody here had ever heard of it! Ted Harbit lives within spitting distance of it and goes to Anderson all the time, but had never seen or heard of the car or its owner. Amazing.

Nonetheless, Ted stopped by to look at it this evening. He tendered this report:

On the way to Muncie tonight I went by to see the car. The dash is pretty wrinkled but not torn. The master cylinder leaks plus a few other minor things but looks as nice as the pictures.

The owner's name is Campbell. 'Never heard of him before. He had six cars in his garage. One was a Buick of some kind and two Mopars he said were made in England (?).

Before he got it, it had a V8 in it. He said the rear end was the V8 and the six just didn't have enough power to easily take off from a dead stop and he got a six rear end and put in it. I'm guessing it may have been somewhere around a 3.54 but he had no idea and no idea what the ratio is that's in it now.

He said the engine is out of a '62.

Overall, I'd say it is very reasonably priced.


:D So now everyone on the forum knows as much as me or Ted.

If anyone is interested, have at it. It's about 60 miles from Indianapolis International Airport and an easy drive; 95% Interstate. :cool: BP

09-25-2016, 09:10 AM
Hmmm, just noticed that it seems to have '59 Lark side molding instead of the '60 - with some other changes (although '59 grill mesh is hens teeth rare), one could create the convertible Studebaker could have made in 1959... Beautiful car all the way around and unique in many ways.