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09-09-2016, 08:42 AM
Hey folks!...A great way to to celebrate another great summer, anticipate the oncoming Fall season, make new friends, renew old ones, and participate in INTERNATIONAL DRIVE YOUR STUDEBAKER DAY!!!!!!

For me, this has been a long summer. A lot of garden work, frequent trips to Mom's skilled care living facility, and as I age, other issues dealing with my encroaching frailties. Therefore, my Studebaker activity has been severely curtailed. I don't recall how many, but for me, this weekend will represent about the 40th (plus or minus one or two) anniversary of my very first TRI-STATE MEET held in Western N.C. Although the venue has mover around a few times, it has always been something to look forward to!

Last week, I began a feeble attempt to prepare for the trip. That included, moving stuff just to get to my truck, battery charging, killing wasps, evicting spiders, firing it up and pulling it into the sunshine. Amazing what accumulates from inactivity. Anyway, in addition to my usual chores, I have tried to steal a few minutes, here and there each day, to clean 'er up. I have realized, for what would be traditional "show" preparation, I have run out of time.:o So...I've decided, it don't matter. I'm going anyway!:!:

I know, as many of us have gotten older, "REASONABLE" driving distance has changed. Through the years, I've met folks from far out west, from Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, and many places between, at this gathering in the western North Carolina mountains. Not so much, these days. However...all are still welcome! If you would like a truly "Laid Back Friendly Studebaker Experience"...join us! SMOKEY FALLS LODGE, Maggie Valley, N.C.:!::cheers:

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09-09-2016, 11:10 AM
Hi John,
Enjoy your Tri-State Meet as well as IDYSD !
Your truck looks fantastic. We're just readying for our anniversary/IDYSD trip for the weekend in our Avanti.
Cheers, Bill