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07-05-2016, 05:29 PM
Has anyone continued experimenting with turbocharging this motor as Mike Scherer did in the 90'S? Just mulling things around on how to boost some power into this 259 without breaking the bank.

07-05-2016, 08:25 PM
The 259" takes to turbocharging just as any V8 would. Nothing different needed, but unless you're a heckuva fabricator, it's not easy, not cheap. The good news is ignition controls are centuries more advanced than when Mike was running.

07-05-2016, 09:22 PM
Buzzard do your homework,the hardest part is picking the right turbo,that's where homework comes in.dont use a Rajay turbo, their design generates to much heat in compressor section. i have 2 turbo cars one a 289 one a 224 both 4 spd cars. the 289 has seen short bursts of 18 + lbs 3to7 is normal range round town. 224 isn't street legal yet.289 has turbo mounted on reversed r/s manifold with y joining two banks. oil returns via oil pan.224 uses 2 reversed exh manifolds with air research turbo mounted above water manifold.oil returns to old fuel pump boss at front center. turbo probably to large here but a 289 crank and pistons wait patiently. study up. Luck Doofus

Mike Van Veghten
07-05-2016, 09:33 PM
What would make a Stude engine any different than any other...it's just another heat pump ? More air (and fuel) in...more power out.
As with all engines, with cast pistons, limit the pressure to 5 or 6psi.
With hypereutectic pistons, limit to 7 or 8 psi.
With forged pistons (and good rods)...how high do you want to go ?


07-05-2016, 10:57 PM
Hey doofus, thanks for the insight.
A number of years ago I had a factory Turbocharged 301 CID Indy Pace Car TransAm. Not being content to leave things alone, with some in depth suggestions from my good friend the Holley Carburetor technical rep, I was able to ultimately reach 13.5 lbs boost with his heavily modified (and thankfully supplied) Holley Spread Bore Carb (I don't recall what size but I suspect it was a 650-750 cfm double pumper). If I recollect my turbo was a TO3 with modified wastegate. I also converted a water injection kit and ran straight Methanol very successfully operated by an adjustable boost pressure switch. Having driven a number of those cars mine was the only one with traction problems in second gear.
Have you any pics of what you are doing with yours? They would be greatly appreciated. I have the ingredients to ultimately build a 198 CID Studebaker V8 and would love to boost the hell out of it with my dual 4 bbl set up.
Cheers, Bill

07-06-2016, 03:59 AM
Look for Tom Covington here on the forum. He's probably the most knowledgeable on the use of economical turbocharging a Stude V8. His stories from back in the day are legendary.

07-06-2016, 06:10 AM
Buzzard are you using a 232 block and 224 crank combo? will get daughter on pix this weekend, I'm to lo tech!!! Doofus

Mrs K Corbin
07-06-2016, 07:33 AM
Hey Doof! got some pictures?

07-06-2016, 11:56 AM
Sounds like a lot of us are awaiting pictures Doofus! Thanks for offering.

07-06-2016, 12:26 PM
I have the ingredients to ultimately build a 198 CID Studebaker V8
are you using a 232 block and 224 crank combo?

The 232/224" works out to 201", doesn't it? While that idea may be intriguing, it doesn't fit any established racing class. At Bonneville, the break is 183", so
Salt-To-Salt had a destroked crank made.

Unless there's a weight-per-cube factor, one reliable rule of racing is never leave displacement on the table.

jack vines