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04-07-2016, 01:39 PM
:) Cool beans:

https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/Articles/2016/04/05/Studebakers-Winning?utm_source=ExactTarget&utm_medium=email&utm_term=&utm_content=&utm_campaign=Hagerty%20Weekly%20News%204-6-2016 (https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/Articles/2016/04/05/Studebakers-Winning?utm_source=ExactTarget&utm_medium=email&utm_term=&utm_content=&utm_campaign=Hagerty%20Weekly%20News%204-6-2016)

(Sorry; I see this has been posted in the Studebakers in Racing thread. I had not checked that thread today. Moderators delete this if you like.)

:!: BP

Andy R.
04-08-2016, 01:44 AM
Now THAT is stance.

It's a pretty safe bet that La Carrera is on every gear head's bucket list, whether participating or viewing.
I keep this Stude-heavy compilation bookmarked for just such an emergency...