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07-01-2015, 10:13 PM
My sister recently gave me several large folders of my grandfather's papers, many pertaining to a trip he took around the world in 1936. The very first item I pulled out was an invoice dated 4-12-40 from the Packard Motor Car Company of New York (Packard Building, 11th Ave. at 54th St.) for $5.69 for "Renewing right front vent window regulator". It is interesting to note the repair cost $5.64 and city sales tax added $.05 to the bill.

Shortly thereafter I came across the April 3, 1936 edition of the Panama American, an English language paper. It was folded and when I opened it there was an ad that screamed "Hoot Mon!" I looked to the bottom of the page and it was an ad for R.E. Hopkins Studebaker Agency (63 - 4th of July Ave.). It lists the following. used Studebakers for sale:

* 1930 Dictator 8 4 door sedan, new paint, guaranteed, $300
* 1930 President 4 door sedan, 6 wheels, new paint, $350
* 1930 President Roadster, rumble seat, wire wheels, new $60 paint job, fully guaranteed, $300
* 1934 Commander sedan with built in trunk, fully equipped, $700
* 1934 (late) Commander Land Cruiser, large luggage rack, all accessories (including radio), $800

No telling what else I will come across.

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I love pieces of personal history like this.
I have my grandfather's diary where he wrote the events of the day like "rained all day, couldn't work" or "Built Mrs Jones new Outhouse". But my favorite entry is
"Baby boy born to Edwin.3-26-49." That was me!

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Bob, do you want me to scan the ad? It is pretty long, though I think I can get it all. Also found 3 more invoices from the Packard dealership.

07-02-2015, 09:34 AM
Thanks for asking... Make it easy on yourself though... It would make a great addition.

07-02-2015, 10:16 AM
I think I will need to do it at work on Monday to get it all on one sheet.